Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, we believe in the importance of Quality, Playability, and Value. Since 2006, we have focused on making ukuleles from rich tonewoods and constructions that yield the best-sounding instruments possible.

50 Years of Aloha! Since 1971, Hawaiian Island Creations kept a commitment to quality, service and aloha spirit, building a reputation as an icon of Hawaiian surfing recognized by surfers across the globe.

Taste the goodness of Hawaii - anytime! Locations in Anaheim, Corona, Union City

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TYDE Music was born on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. It was founded in 2010 by self taught luthiers Tyler Joersz and Devin Price. It has become a great passion of theirs to build beautiful and great sounding instruments.

If you’re looking for your first ukulele or if you’ve been playing for years, there is a Kala for everyone.  The Kala line continues to grow and expand with ukulele in any price range.  Known for high-quality ukulele that sound great, we offer many styles, finishes, and woods to choose from.

Manea specializes in Tahitian-style ukuleles and traditional Hawaiian-style

ukuleles recognized by visitors to the islands of the South Pacific.

Our ukuleles are made from the finest timber, high quality instruments

at an attractive price.

Be a part of the biggest and best ukulele festival in the U.S.! Contact us for sponsorship and other support opportunities and let's work together to make the world a better place - with ukulele music! Email kalakoaent@mac.com

Ernie Ball Ukulele strings are made from 100% nylon monofilament, offered in traditional clear resin for a bright, balanced tone with excellent projection and black resin for a warm, rich tone with percussive attack.

Every Islander `Ukulele is is accurately measured, fitted and built to the specs of a Kanile`a. This ensures you receive decades of R&D from Joseph Souza himself for a price we know you can love.

After the first musical instrument was made at Enya’s factory in 1995, Enya has been growing quickly to become a world’s leading brand with over 250,000 ukuleles sold annually. Today, with a team of over 300 people, Enya maintains an active selling network with international distribution to 40 countries, including a distribution warehouse and factory service center in Texas, USA.

The Rebel is a small team of designers and experienced luthiers working collaboratively to create finely handcrafted instruments that express unique designs, well-seasoned materials, outstandingly responsive tones and playing characteristics. We have been handcrafting instruments for discerning musicians and collectors who love one-off masterpiece instruments