Join us in sunny L.A. for the 7th annual celebration of the little 4-stringed wonder that has been captivating hearts and bringing musical joy into people’s lives for over 100 years! The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival is for attendees ages 2-92, total beginners through experienced ukulele players, with lots of opportunities to jump in and be a part of the fun. Be sure to join the email list for news and updates and join us on Facebook and Instagram





Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival Copyright ©2023 All Rights Reserved

Past festival artists & instructors:

Aaron & Nicole Keim ● Abby Lyons ● Abraham Lagrimas, Jr ● Aidan Laprete ● Ali Lexa ● Alissa Hunnicutt ● Anacapa Ukulele Ensemble ● Andrew Molina ● Bakithi Kumalo ● Bernadette Plazola

Brittni Paiva ● Bryan Tolentino ● Cali Rose ● Christine Achico ● Christopher Shannon-Davis ● Craig Chee ● Cynthia Lin ● Danielle Ate The Sandwich ● Derick Sebastian ● Ellen Ramirez ●

Fred Sokolow ● Fred Thompson ● Fulare_Pad ● Heidi Swedberg ● Herb Ohta, Jr ● Honoka & Azita ● Jack Tracy ● James Hill ● Jeff Linsky ● Jennifer Leitham ● Jim & Liz Beloff ● Jim D'Ville

Jody Kamisato ● John Atkins "The Ukulele Teacher from YouTube" ● Kalei Gamiao ● Kalyn Aolani ● Khim Teoh ● Kolohe Ukulele Club ● Kris Fuchigami ● Lil Rev ● Lisa Webb ● Lise Lee

Lorien Sanders ● Lotus Cole ● Mark Kohls ● Marlowe ● Mel Ogata's Aloha Pickers ● Mele Ohana ● Mitch Chang ● Musical Mama ● Neal Chin ● Plucking Strummers ● Sarah Maisel

Taimane Gardner ● Timmy Cruz ● Troy Fernandez ● Uke Adventure ● Ukesfun ● Ukulenny ● Ukulollo ● Ukulele Bartt Warburton ● Victoria Vox ● Westside Ukulele Ensemble  

A unique multi-purpose complex with meeting rooms, visual and performing arts studios, two spacious outdoor plazas, and the Pine Wind Japanese garden, the Torrance Cultural Arts Center is located in the heart of the Los Angeles South Bay, just minutes from LAX. Plenty of free parking, too!

Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival Producer: Mitch Chang, Kala Koa Entertainment

My vision for the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival is to always make it as easy as possible for families and ukulele fans of all ages, interest and ability levels to discover/rediscover the ukulele in a space where they will be supported and encouraged and for the festival to be a true community-based event. Born & raised in Hawaii and a graduate of the University of Hawaii music department, the ukulele was my very first instrument.