The Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival is proud to present world-renowned flamenco visionary Dorantes and Pastora Galván, one of the most sought-after flamenco dancers in the world. 

Dorantes is a Spanish Gypsi pianist. He made a name for himself in the world of flamenco with an instrument that, in principle, is totally foreign to the tradition of this genre: the piano. A piano with intelligence, conviction and authenticity with which he fuses the melodies and rhythms typical of flamenco, impressionist music and jazz. Absolutely moving, complex and personal.

2002 winner of “Premio Nacional Matilde Coral”, Pastora Galván has in her blood the traditional nature of her family’s dance and the modernity of her brother’s dance, a genius at the most plausible forefront of flamenco.

With Cheyén (percussion)

The first and only GRAMMY-winning flamenco dancer in the world, Nino de los Reyes began his career at the young age of nine in the show Campanas Flamencas, directed by Paco Sánchez, founder of the legendary Cumbre Flamenca. He has shared the stage with flamenco giants including Joaquín Grilo, Milagros Mengibar, La Tati, Antonio Reyes, Pepe Habichuela, Montse Cortes, and so many more. Thanks to his versatility and knowledge of both music and dance, Nino has been asked to record and collaborate with some of the world’s biggest pop and jazz stars, most notably on Paul Simon’s “Stranger to Stranger” and Chick Corea and the Spanish Heart Band’s “Antidote”.  Read all about Nino's GRAMMY win here

Sharing the stage with Nino: Lakshmi "La Chimi" Basile “un desgarrador homenaje a los románticos de lo jondo” (a heart wrenching homage to the romantics of pure flamenco) - Alberto García Reyes, ABC.

“Su baile es de una alegría conquistada” (Her dance is one of conquered joy) – Félix Grande, poet and flamencologist. “La única cosa americana que tiene es su pasaporte”, (The only American thing she has is her passport) – Ángel Ojeda, former Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía.

With David el Galli (cante), Manuel de la Tomasa (cante), David de Arahal (guitar), Cheyén (percussion)

Opening the performances on both nights is flamenco harpist Ana Crismán. The only known musician who plays and composes flamenco on harp, Crismán and her Arpa Jonda have played iconic venues such as the Teatro Villamarta, the Alhambra of Granada in the Festival de Música y Danza de Granada (Fex) and in international festivals such as the Sfinks Mixed Festival 2018 (Belgium), and the Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo (Italy).