Past Festival Performers

Adam del Monte ● Arcangel ● Antonio Lizana ● Carmen Linares ● Diego Del Morao ● Diego El Cigala ● El Carpeta ● Fanny Ara

Gema Moneo ● Jose Cortes Fernandez ● Jose del Tomate ● Juana la del Pipa ● Kina Mendez ● La Curra ● La Farruca ● La Tania

Manuel Gutierrez ● Maria Bermudez ● Marina Heredia ● Miguel Poveda ● Nino de los Reyes ● Omayra Amaya ● Pastora Galvan

Teatro Flamenco ● Tia Yoya ● Tomatito ●  Vicente Amigo ● & many more!

Only those attending the festival in person will have an opportunity to enter to win a vacation to Spain, sponsored by Iberia Airlines and the Tourist Office of Spain, with a charitable donation to the Global Gift Foundation USA, a 501(c)3 charitable organization that raises funds to support causes and initiatives addressing poverty, health, education, social care and charitable alliances.