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Past festival artists & instructors:

Aaron & Nicole Keim ● Abraham Lagrimas, Jr ● Aidan Laprete ● Ali Lexa ● Andrew Molina ● Cali Rose ● Craig Chee ● Cynthia Lin

Danielle Ate The Sandwich ● Derick Sebastian ● Fred Sokolow ● Fred Thompson ● Fulare_Pad ● Heidi Swedberg ● Honoka & Azita ● James Hill  

Jeff Linsky ● Jennifer Leitham ● Jim D'Ville ● Jody Kamisato ● John Atkins "The Ukulele Teacher from YouTube" ● Lil Rev ● Lorien Sanders ●

Kalei Gamiao ● Kalyn Aolani ● Khim Teoh ● Kris Fuchigami ● Marlowe ● Mele Ohana ● Mitch Chang ● Musical Mama ● Sarah Maisel

Taimane Gardner ● Troy Fernandez ● Ukulenny ● Ukulollo ● Ukulele Bartt Warburton ● Victoria Vox ● Westside Ukulele Ensemble  

The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival celebrates the little 4-stringed wonder that has been captivating hearts and bringing musical joy into people’s lives for over 100 years. Whether you are an experienced ukulele player, an occasional strummer or simply a curious spectator, the festival offers lots of opportunities to jump in and be a part of the festivities.

The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival is the only one of its kind where you can enjoy all-star performances all-day by today's hottest ukulele talent plus access to as many workshops as you want to take, all for one flat fee!

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