Welcome fellow ‘ukulele players, enthusiasts & the curious!

The Los Angeles International ‘Ukulele Festival celebrates the little 4-stringed wonder that has been captivating hearts and bringing musical joy into people’s lives for over 100 years.

Only $45 for all performances and all workshops all day!   Click here for tickets




2015 instructors & performers:

James Hill ● Fulare_Pad ● Victoria Vox ● Abe Lagrimas Jr

Sarah Maisel ● Craig Chee ● Jim D'Ville ● Jeff Linsky

Cali Rose ● Andrew Molina ● Ukulele Bartt Warburton ● Mitch Chang

Enjoy all-day all-star performances & unlimited workshop access for only $45!

The Los Angeles International ‘Ukulele Festival is the only festival of its kind where you can enjoy not only top-notch performances by many of today's hottest ukulele talent, you also get access to as many workshops as you want to take, all for one flat entry fee!

There'll be opportunities for beginners to get started on the basics of holding the instrument, chord shapes and strumming and classes on intermediate and advanced topics such as fingerpicking, building chord progressions, songwriting, play-by-ear, transposition, strumming techniques, arranging chord melodies & more! Stay tuned as we update this website

Located at the heart of the Los Angeles South Bay, the Torrance Cultural Arts Center combines modern design and natural beauty into a unique multi-purpose complex including two spacious outdoor plazas, an auditorium, classrooms and an authentic Japanese garden. 

All-Star performances throughout the day!

Video highlights from 2015

Kids 12 & under get in FREE!

Classes for all abilities:

newbies - advanced

Group strum-alongs for all ages

Ukulele vendors, independent builders & fun ukulele accessories, toys & apparel!