The Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival is proud to bring unique programming and world-class flamenco artists to Los Angeles, having presented some of the world's most acclaimed and influential flamenco artists. Past performers include Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Los Farrucos, Diego El Cigala, Juana la del Pipa, La Tania, Tia Yoya, Luis Moneo, Diego del Morao, La Curra, Kina Mendez, Maria Bermudez, Theatre Flamenco, Nino de los Reyes, Adam del Monte, Omayra Amaya, Gema Moneo & many more.

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"Tempo of Light"  is an all-star show featuring some of the leading voices in Spain today, in a virtuosic display ranging from the gypsy roots of flamenco to modern innovations.

Carmen Linares, the legendary grand female voice of flamenco cante

jondo (deep song), has been celebrated over the world for the extraordinary expressive power of her voice.

Marina Heredia's mercurial, impassioned voice, moves

between clarity and rasp, sorrow and rage, tragedy and exultation. (NY Times) while versatile singer Arcángel, a tenor with all the dark tension that characterizes the best

flamenco singers, transcends flamenco borders with a rich imagination, always grasping the roots.

Under the musical direction of Isidro Muñoz, composer and producer of flamenco legends like Camarón and Enrique Morente, this special evening will include the outstanding dancer Ana Morales, former principal dancer of Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia


Join us for a special evening of intimate, visceral flamenco featuring living legend dancer Rosario Montoya "La Farruca", in collaboration with Natalia Delmar "La Serrata" and accompanied by world class musicians Juanilloro de Jerez, El Quini & David Caro.

Rosario Montoya takes her stage name "La Farruca" from her father, the famous dancer (bailaor) Antonio Montoya Flores "Farruco".

"La Farruca” comes from a great dynasty of flamenco artists; She was born and raised in a special environment for their artistic development, with direct access with some of the great figures of the second half of the twentieth century.  In addition, she is sister of Pilar Montoya Manzano "La Faraona", aunt of Juan Fernandez Montoya "El Barullo" and mother of Juan Manuel Fernandez of "Farruquito", Antonio Fernandez Montoya, "Farru" and Manuel Fenandez Montoya "El Carpeta". She takes part in important shows such as "Andalucía Flamenca", "Persecución", "Flamenco Puro" "Amante" or "Bodas de Gloria".

Born in Almeria, Spain, Natalia Delmar “La Serrata” studied dance from a very young age, obtaining the title Classical Dance from the Royal Academy of London, and starting her career in flamenco, and moving to Madrid. Initially studied with Diana Thedim, and continue with various teachers from the dance school Amor de Dios: La Tati, Cristóbal Reyes, Alfonso Losa, Carmela Greco, Toni El Pelao, among others. In Madrid she began her performances in theaters, with dance troupes, and as a soloist and choreographer in the “Principe” and “Alcobenda” theaters in Galileo. Several years ago she moved to Seville, where she currently resides, continuing her education with other outstanding teachers such as; José Galván, La Farruca, Farruquito, La Faraona, Luis Peña and Juana Amaya.