The Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival is proud to bring unique programming and world-class flamenco artists to Los Angeles, having presented some of the world's most acclaimed and influential flamenco artists. Past performers include Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Los Farrucos, Diego El Cigala, Juana la del Pipa, La Tania, Tia Yoya, Luis Moneo, Diego del Morao, La Curra, Kina Mendez, Maria Bermudez, Theatre Flamenco, Nino de los Reyes, Adam del Monte, Omayra Amaya, Gema Moneo & many more.

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Young guitar player José del Tomate, was born in Almería in the heart of a family of artists.  His father, Tomatito, and his great-grandfather, Miguel Fernández Cortés ‘El Tomate’, have been his main inspiration, although he also recognizes strong influences from Sabicas, Paco de Lucía and, particularly, his uncle, ‘El Niño Miguel’. Although he is just 19, he has already performed in very renowned festivals in the current flamenco environment and he has backed his father in long International tours.  This spring he will present his first album ‘Plaza Vieja’ for the first time in Los Angeles.

ROCIO MARQUEZ featuring Miguel Ángel Cortés "Songs of Light"

“Rocío Márquez has invented an alternative flamenco: frank, rule-breaking and erudite” LE MONDE

Singer-songwriter Rocío Márquez is a rising star and one of the best voices in today’s flamenco scene. Her restless curiosity and captivating style combine retro cool, modern elegance and an impressive passionate vocal delivery, twining tradition with avant-garde to reclaim the concept of free song as it was advocated by the dearly departed Enrique Morente.

Lauded by the press as "the voice of a new generation of cante jondo singers", Rocío Márquez (Huelva, 1985) has been carving out a solid artistic career for over a decade, ever since she won the Lámpara Minera Award at the Cante de las Minas Festival in 2008. Today, she is a leading light of the flamenco scene.

Her restless personality and enormous curiosity can be seen throughout her discography, which is marked by both a deep love of the flamenco tradition and an overriding need to expand its limits, exploring and experimenting with melodies, instrumentation, arrangements and lyrics.  Starting with the fresh-sounding live recording “Aquí y ahora” (2009), her albums are the chronicle of a soaring talent. “Claridad” (2012), “El Niño” (2014), "Firmamento" (2017) and “Visto en El Jueves” (2019) – as well as her collaboration with Fahmi Alqhai, “Diálogos de viejos y nuevos sones” (2018) – reveal an artist who is constantly searching for herself through music.


Songs of light focuses on the most luminous and inspirational part of Flamenco in an open journey through the different Flamenco styles. Rocio will be accompanied by her longtime collaborator Miguel Angel Cortes, one of the most respected and acclaimed guitarists in recent decades. Their music belongs equally to the past and the future, and that makes it a must see and listen in the present day: always deep, always challenging and accessible.


Due to increased international travel concerns and restrictions, this performance has been cancelled.