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Don’t miss this EXCITING opportunity to witness the best of the best Gypsy Jazz musicians from Europe featuring an incredible, one-of-a-kind lineup:


LULO REINHARDT, grandnephew of the legendary Gypsy Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and third generation German master


LES DOIGTS DE L'HOMME, France's leading contemporary Gypsy Jazz group, stunning musicians with a great sense of flair and humor on stage 


NORIG GADJI, a French singer with a Celtic name and Catalan roots, and a gift for bringing out the full range of feelings in Gypsy music, who will make her American debut accompanied by the gifted SEBASTIEN GINIAUX on guitar

OCTOBER 6 2012


Lulo Reinhardt is the grandnephew of the legendary Gypsy Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, first taught by his father at the age of five. At twelve, he played in the Mike Reinhardt Sextett and later co-founded the group, “Django Reinhardt and the Heartbreakers.” In 1991, he founded “I Gitanos” with his father Bawo and cousin Dege, touring throughout Europe and first establishing his national reputation.

A spontaneous and spirited musician, Lulo’s curiosity took him to southern Spain in search of flamenco roots, and to South America, exploring various musical styles of Latin Jazz.   By 2002, he was ready to take his place as a bandleader, founding the Lulo Reinhardt Project.  They recorded the highly-acclaimed Project No. 1 in 2002, and Project No. 2 in 2005, reflecting his passion for Latin music.

In 2007, Saga Instruments of San Francisco CA made the first Lulo Reinhardt Model Gitane 310, modeled on the classic Gypsy guitars.  This inspired Lulo to compose more Swing material, which he combined with Latin music, and in 2007 changed the name of his group to the Lulo Reinhardt Latin Swing Project.  They recorded their first CD in 2008.   In the beginning, he played in Europe with an all-German band but later spent considerable time in Australia, forming a new band of German and Australian musicians.   They recorded Live In Melbourne in 2008 and Katoomba Birds in 2010.

Les Doigts de l'Homme formed as a trio with guitarists Olivier Kikteff, Yannick Alcocer and double bassist Tanguay Blum in early 2003. Their first album, Dans Le Monde, followed, and the group honed their style by gigging on the street. Word of their energetic and fresh sound soon spread, and by February 2004 they exploded on the scene and played a 70-concert French tour. In 2008, they expanded to a quartet with the addition of guitarist Benoit Convert, already a well-respected gypsy jazz soloist. The group's fuller sound was showcased on their 2008 album Les Doigts Dans La Prise, another record welcomed with rave reviews.

By this stage, the group's high-energy and entertaining live show found them in demand for performances in venues around the globe, from jazz clubs to rock festivals. Daily newspaper Ouest-France captured their appeal, noting that "this band brings a hint of world music, an energy close to punk bands, and an unmistakable authenticity."

The release of their fourth CD, 1910, has already had European critics stretching for superlatives. "Les Doigts de l'Homme stand out as one of the best interpreters of Django's music while keeping their own personal and colourful jazz style," wrote Guitarist Acoustic. "The band explores gypsy jazz with a great energy and a witty sense of humour," wrote Francofans. Released on ALMA Records on June 7, 2011 (with distribution via Universal in Canada, ADA/Warner in the U.S.), it marks the group's debut North American release. They have already earned a devoted fan base in the U.K., Europe and Asia, thanks to the quality of their albums and extensive international touring. Now, the release of 1910, and June and July tour dates in Canada and the U.S. Have combined to take the career of Les Doigts de L'Homme to the next level.

Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, they have been brought together by a deep mutual passion for gypsy jazz. On their earlier albums, Les Doigts de l'Homme skillfully integrated rock, world music, and gypsy elements, while 1910 has a more singular creative focus. It is designed as an homage to the true father of gypsy jazz, guitarist/composer Django Reinhardt, with the title referring to Django's year of birth. As the centenary of Reinhardt's birth approached, Les Doigts de l'Homme decided to mark the milestone by recording a new album inspired by his music. Guitarist Olivier Kikteff explains that "we wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to Django's music and to the amazing musical legacy he has given to us. He is a perpetual source of inspiration."

Kikteff takes the lead guitar role in Les Doigts de l'Homme, and he is always ably abetted by his three comrades, rhythm guitarists Yannick Alcocer and Benoit Convert and double bassist Tanguy Blum. It is appropriate that the group's name translates as "The Fingers of Man," for these four men are all fleet-fingered wizards of the fret.

Norig Gadji and Sebastien Giniaux

Norig is a French singer with a Celtic name and Catalan origins. Her astonishing
musical destiny began with a viewing of “The Time of the Gypsies” by Emir Kustarica, which affected her on a deep emotional level. She set out to embody the gypsy culture and absorb its music. She started meeting Romanian musicians who gradually adopted her into their circle, impressed by her presence and ease with the Balkan repertoire. Her musical vision began to mature as she developed a recording project with the support of guitarist/cellist Sebastien Giniaux and the invaluable contribution of Victor Coman.

Accompanied by six musicians from various backgrounds, Norig recorded her first album, Gadji (the gypsy word for non-gypsies). Influenced by Balkan traditions, tango and baroque inspirations, and Manouche gypsy sounds, Norig created original music for gypsy poems written in French, with the participation of Babx, a duet with Teofilo Chantre, and an adaptation of Gainsbourg’s "P' tits Papiers", which she delivers with surprising insight and sensitivity.

The songs of the gypsies are a murmur, a cry, a call, an incantation, where joy and melancholy restlessly mingle. And Norig’s powerful voice, which ranges from that of a child’s to a woman in her prime, is never more celebrated then on the stage. Bathed in the spotlight, she is free to show the full intensity of her talent and underscore the beauty of gypsy music.

"A proud manner and a voice that gives you the chills. The ballads evoke an aroma of drama that echoes of carousing and feasts. Norig, embraced by the gypsies whose attention she captivates like spellbound children, is already a leading figure in the gypsy tradition". Remy Kolpa Kopoul.

Norig has performed and toured with Sebastien Giniaux, both with the Sebastien Giniaux Balkan Project and as a duo. She has also recorded music for the soundtrack of Tony Gatliff's film, “Exils.” Her performance with In The Footsteps Of Django will mark her American debut.

Sebastien Giniaux is an eclectic, passionate musician, originally trained as a classical cellist. He discovered the guitar at age 19 through the music of Django Reinhardt. Over the past ten years, he has collaborated with a wide range of musicians from Taraf de Haidouks to David Reinhardt. He has formed two bands of his own, the Sebastien Giniaux Balkan Project and the Sebastien Giniaux Trio, and most recently has been performing with French/Spanish gypsy singer Norig Gadji.